29 Nov

klystrack 1.5 Is Approaching Fast!

klystrack 1.5 screenshot After months of busy developing (not), I have finally decided to release klystrack 1.5. In short: feature creep. iLKke also joined the dev team and I have to thank him for graphics, testing and general support (motivational kicks in the butt). I also got some very good feedback from quite a few people, even though not every request was possible to implement (thanks nonetheless).

What is new in 1.5:

  • Improved editing
    • Undo/redo for most actions
    • The “compact” pattern display mode can be configured to display exactly the needed pattern columns
    • There’s now an edit mode similar to most classic trackers (you can jam in the pattern editor without changing pattern data)
  • New audio driver features
    • Wavetable for sampled drums etc.
    • Bitcrush effect has now optional sample rate downsampling
    • Extra parameter column for volume (like in FT2)
    • New commands such as setting filter resonance and restarting the instrument program from pattern data
  • Improved GUI
    • A lot of general laziness has been fixed, e.g. own menu items for opening a sample even in the pattern editor, keyboard control in all editors
    • Editors can be switched with buttons located bottom-right
    • The menu is less obscure with a new added menu button top-left
    • New default theme (no more eyesore) AHX meets klystrack?
    • Themes can now use PNG images instead of BMP
    • Program icon
  • Fun stuff
    • VU meters and a fake spectrum analyzer (think Protracker)
    • AHX/Protracker/C64 etc. retro themes
  • Experimental stuff
    • MIDI sync (not tested very well) and MIDI keyboard support (great for instrument editing)

Get it here. Don’t forget the Facebook page, updates get posted there more frequently.