Standard Functions

The built in functions in Calculon are the same as the functions provided by the C standard library. All standard functions take exactly one argument unless stated otherwise.

Trigonometric functions

Function Description
cos Cosine
sin Sine
tan Tangent
cosh Hyperbolic cosine
sinh Hyperbolic sine
tanh Hyperbolic tangent
acos Arc cosine
asin Arc sine
atan Arc tangent
acosh Inverse hyperbolic cosine
asinh Inverse hyperbolic sine
atanh Inverse hyperbolic tangent

Root functions

Function Description
sqrt Square root
cbrt Cube root

Note: sqrt and cbrt can be thought as shorthands to 2 nroot and 3 nroot, respectively.

Rounding functions

Function Description
ceil Round up to nearest integer
floor Round down to nearest integer
round Round to nearest integer
trunc Truncate number to the integer part

Miscellaneous functions

Function Description
erf Error function
erfc Complementary error function
lgamma Logarithmic gamma
tgamma Logarithmic gamma
log Natural logarithm
log10 Base-10 logarithm
rnd Generates a pseudo-random number between 1
  1. .1