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klystrack 1.5 Demo

Dec 10, 2010


Original song is “future” by buzzer, an AHX module imported in klystrack with no modifications.

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6 responses to "klystrack 1.5 Demo"

  • AZiCoDec says:


    Very good song)) AY-like sound)And nice tracker))

  • woolyss says:


    Beautiful and skinnable tracker ! Demo song is nice.

  • Chris says:


    Nice, but I´m a bit disappointed that a player source (in C/C++) is not included in the package :P

  • kometbomb says:


    Actually, you can find an example player in the klystrack repo. You need svn to get the source code.

  • Pono says:


    Hey, awesome work. Is an iOS version of klystrack a possibility at all?

  • kometbomb says:


    In theory, the whole thing compiles nicely on various platforms thanks to SDL. I have the actual sound engine (no GUI) running on my Android and it was quite easy to port.

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