10 Apr


News: Farbs interview added

Thanks to whoever uploaded this video — ROM CHECK FAIL is a bitch to capture

ROM CHECK FAIL is quite possibly the most original game I have seen in a while. That’s saying a lot considering the game is a mishmash of classic arcade and video games. The main idea is that, for example, at one moment you are playing Zelda and after a few seconds the game randomly switches to Super Mario Bros. Or Asteroids. Or Spy Hunter. While you might still be Link or the tank from Space Invaders.

While the game is ruthless in that there are impossible situations (imagine the invaders from Space Invaders suddenly turning into Goombas which of course fall down on you), it is constantly amusing in its insanity. It’s like trying to play a failed download of Wario Ware, Inc. ROM CHECK FAIL is one of the few instances of art games that deliver.

I also found the game really funny in that after playing it for about ten seconds, you immediately realize how much potential crossovers have. After you have battled against the balloons from Pang as Pac-Man, playing Alien vs. Predator or the likes won’t really impress much.