07 Sep

Viewer2 Build 2840

A quick release for those who use Viewer2, a lot of half-ready stuff this time:

  • Support for network paths (i.e. path starts with \\)
  • Option to flag an image as a favorite (the heart icon), search with is:favorite
  • Shows basic information about images with little icons (e.g. image has tags, image is favorite)
  • Better date: search option, see the manual
  • Should behave a little better on dual-screen boxes
  • Option for ordering images in a square instead of a spiral
  • BETABETABETA: The browser can display subdirectories (to check it out, set ShowDirectories to a non-zero value in the registry)

Coming up (hopefully in the next release) are IPTC tag export, comprehensive directory navigation via the main browser (instead of the file list on the left), path and search bookmarks (i.e. “show all of my favorite images from this month”) and a config tool.

Do send more suggestions.

Also, if someone is a fan of this project and could help with the config tool (needs just a dialog that changes a few keys in the registry, the main problem for me is that I don’t do Visual Studio or other IDEs that provide a dialog editor, so it’s kinda annoying) it would be nice. It seems Viewer2 has hit a niche so it would be a shame if the potential was wasted.


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