30 Dec

Viewer2 Build 4044

  • Fixed the 100% usage issue
  • Fixed tag confirmation for multiple tags
  • Able to sort by number of views, also shows the combined views for directories (including their subdirectories etc.)
  • New added: search type, e.g. added:today search files that were added to the database today.
  • Should only save image locations if images were moved

2 thoughts on “Viewer2 Build 4044

  1. Hey there,
    I’ve tried your Viewer2 at version 3606, I think and everything was fine (except some sudden crashs without any good reason).
    Yesterday I’ve installed your new 4044 Build and I’ve really bad performance issues!
    When I try to open a folder with ~10 pics nothing is usable ’cause of lags.
    It seem so, that it doesn’t use the graficcard for rendering (shadows are really odd!). Furthermore I’ve a 100% cpu usage…
    My system as follows:
    P-M 1.86GHz, 1Gig RAM, X600 64MB
    WinXP SP2 + Updates
    Newest Omega drivers…

    As I said previously: My first try with 3606 Build (I think) was fun pure and I liked it very much! But at this moment I can’t work with your newest Viewer Build. =/

    Best regards,

  2. I also observe 100% CPU with Build 4044 (didn’t test previous releases). For example, start Viewer2 and open taskmanager by pressing Ctrl-Shift+Esc. This blocks the system for ~1..2 seconds and taskamn shows 100% (kernel) load to one of my cores afterwards.

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