17 Nov

Viewer2 Build 3782

Here’s the new Viewer2 version:

  • More information in the hover info box.
  • Zooming in now also moves towards the mouse cursor. Set the option NavigateWhileZooming to zero if you don’t like this.
  • You can enlarge the areas that open the menu and the tag and file lists with HotSpotSize. A value of 16 would make the zone extend 16 pixels. This is useful if you have multiple screens that makes the mouse not stop on the edge of the screen. The default is 1 which means the zone effectively is just the edge of the screen.
  • When the mouse hovers over the two hot zones for the lists, an arrow clue appears to indicate the user can click there.
  • Made the toolbar icons a bit more visible with darker shadows.
  • The toolbar menu now has an icon for moving up to the parent directory.

Also in the news: German online magazine Netzwelt has a nice Viewer2 review up. Viewer2 was previously featured as the freeware application of the week and seems they still like it.

The review says only JPEG files are supported, it doesn’t mean the PNG support from the last version has been removed. :) Also, since the review mentioned they liked the spiral type ordering of images, I reiterate it is still there. See the FAQ for info how to enable the spiral.