03 Oct

Viewer2 Build 3321

  • First of all, more eye candy (see the video). I hope it also makes things easier to understand in respect to where images go when sorting
  • The searching has split into two: Fast Search and Deep Search. Fast Search uses indexing to find files very fast and Deep Search is the old search which is slow. In addition, Fast Search can use fuzzy searching thanks to the individual words it sees and it also looks in the IPTC metadata which Deep Search doesn’t do (because it doesn’t use pre-indexed data). Note: You need to build the indexes to benefit from Fast Search, the installer will do this for you. You need to do this only once, as long as you have AutoExtractWords enabled in config.
  • Use Ctrl + Delete to pysically delete images (another requested feature, keep them coming)
  • The thumbnails now have a tag that changes color according to if they have tags and if the tags make the image stand out from other images. Useful for obsessive tagging
  • The image view now zooms in the selected area, use left drag to mark the area
  • Tons of little fixes I forgot as soon as I implemented them, including a program icon

viewer2-installer-3322.exe (bugfix to 3321)

2 thoughts on “Viewer2 Build 3321

  1. I totally enjoy your viewer and I’ve seen it earlier on YouTube. You got some great features, like lasso, which I tried implementing but did not have any success. Also I like the idea of grouping. Animations looks beautiful. I think that’s what users will expect from any software in like 5-7 years.

    I haven’t been working much on my project in the past few months, but I have resumed the work last week. I got some more ideas about GUI and plan to add some web features later on. Tags are also in plans. My main goal is to bring the totally redesigned GUI for viewing images both locally and online. Think how many possibilities there are with 3D and photos ;).

    Stay in touch, let me know when there are any updates. I’ll let you know about mine. Thanks!

  2. Cool, thanks. I’m not a big fan of animated user interfaces but then again most other people are. :)

    The lasso is very, very simple to implement: you just need to check if a point is inside a N-side poly (googlgoogl). In your case you just probably have to project the image coordinates on the screen and check that 2D point against the lasso.

    I think it would be cool to browse images on Flickr (thanks to their API it’s well possible) in a viewer like our projects but I think I’ll never get to actually implementing that. So you better do it. ;)

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