16 Aug

Viewer2 Build 2630

Some new, cool and experimental stuff. Didn’t feel like drawing the icons for all new features.

  • Sorting by image color metrics (groups similarly colored images)
  • Press Ctrl+L to enforce a link between selected files, Alt+L to sort using the forced links (very experimental)
  • Press Ctrl+P to prefix files (actually renames files, useful for preserving Viewer2 groups on the desktop)
  • New search options, including OR and searching by file date and time viewed. See the manual.

viewer2-installer-2633.exe (bugfix)

4 thoughts on “Viewer2 Build 2630

  1. the dialog box bug seem like fixed but the latest version seem like having the multiple screen view problem. i mean, when extend my desktop (i have ati catalyst control center installed) to another monitor (actually LCD TV), i have hung issue in Microsoft Vista. Just not sure whether this is due to Vista.

    By the way, i really really impress (even my friend) with this software – it change the way we manage photos/images (especially nowaday digital photos everywhere) from the past experience, the design is cool, the effect is cool (when you drag a object (photo) out then move in again in the group of photos without release the mouse), the effect is so cool! just like i think someone posted a concept before which developed in flash, the way to manage a file (stack, move it move out etc), really amazing!

  2. The dual screen issue is an SDL issue, so I can’t really do anything about it (and the SDL team seems to develop in a leisurely pace nowadays). I think it disables the other screen even if you just have an SDL window open (not full-screen). But if the windowed mode works, I have a workaround (I’d still rather have multiple monitor support). Thanks for the heads-up.

    BTW, I think you mean this: http://bumptop.com/

    I admit the above is a catalyst for me to write this software, though I and a lot of people have done this kind of sorting for ages by just moving stuff in a piles on the Windows desktop. ;) I’m also glad that Microsoft image explorer thing has a similar fresh “at a glance” type browsing. That should inspire others, too.

  3. yes, bumptop! i shouldn’t forgot about the name….

    microsoft image explorer thing is that Microsoft surface? yup i think this is same kind of innovative idea…. i just curious how they able to make it with Pentium 4 with 4GB of RAM. the movement from the demo video seem like too “smooth” to me, haha!

    you got it, i will not prefer to disable the dual screen for this. i need the workaround. i figuring out how to open it in window mode, reading FAQ now and looking for what is SDL meaning…. thanks man!

    keep it up! and keep it free, OK?

  4. MS also has this huge image navigator thing (you would see TONS of images at once and zoom in until you can read the text on a scan of a magazine etc.). I guess my program is a combination of Surface and that :) I think I posted the video in a blog post (about better GUIs).

    Oh, and I guess Viewer2 will continue to be free in the future because realistically speaking there are dozens of comparable software (read: competitors) out there – for free.

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