18 Apr

A Blogging Experiment

I’m going to try something that is not entirely original but still should be useful. I have found people often come across my page when looking for something with a search engine, yet the page they land on isn’t exactly what they were looking for. Or to say it in other words, I’ll try to help random visitors to find what they are looking for (or, you could argue this is some kind of search engine optimization).

At least Syd Lexia frequently does this on his page, albeit humorously (even though he does often answer a simple question as well as it can be answered). My idea is to either write about the subjects as much as I know about them or simply point out how to find the needed information.

For example, people are often looking for image re-targeting when they click their way to my post about a crap example of the seam carving algorithm. There are much nicer examples out there. I’d like the random visitor to know that so the time is not wasted when skimming through my writings.

So, expect more useless information about things that interest the random visitor (not you).