13 Mar

SEO Is Bullshit

Sorry for the characteristic blog post with the quote and the link but I thought this article was a good read:

Two weeks ago I said that SEO is bullshit and the SEO community promptly got their knickers in a twist. The post was labelled everything from “sensationalist crap” to “linkbait”, but I was still left searching for a solid counter-argument. Even Richard Hearne, one of Ireland’s better known SEOs, decided not to engage in the discussion because my post was “so wide of the mark”. But then why the hype? Why the anger? Don’t tell me there might be some truth to my argument? SEO is bullshit and the SEOs know it too.

I get a lot of SEO pages on StumbleUpon which really riles me up for two reasons: I’m literally drowning in SEO stumbles and, most importantly, because I agree wholeheartedly with this article. I hope the right people will read it.

Sometimes, after reading one of those stumble out of boredom, I can’t but think the line between actual SEO advice and the content (crap) SE spammers spew out is blurred. I guess anything connected to SEO is so little about actual valuable content and advice (outside of best practices), it taints the little good there possibly could be. It very much reminds me of all those self-help gurus with their painfully obvious advice (and painfully inflated prices). Sometimes, it feels like the whole SEO inner circle is something Louis Theroux should investigate.

I am quite sure the only people who benefit of the whole SEO phenomenon are those who sell snake oil consult other spammers optimizers.

“SEO, for lack of a better word, is bullshit” — though, I guess it sadly “captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit”.