1. be well
  2. have power
  3. to be strong

Synonyms for valui

  • confortarito be strong
  • polleoable, powerful, to be rich in, to be strong
  • praevaleohave power, to prevail
  • valeobe effective, be well, have power, to be strong, to have strength
  • valiturusbe well, have power, to be strong

Similar to valui

  • vacilloto fall into confusion
  • vacoof a master, of property, to be free from work
  • vacuusdevoid of, empty, free from, useless, without
  • vadogo, hasten, rush
  • vadumford, shallows
  • vagitussqualling
  • vagusvagrant, wandering
  • valedicobid farewell
  • valensable, healthy, powerful, stong, worthwhile
  • valentiavigor