1. employ
  2. enjoy
  3. possess
  4. to use

Synonyms for uti

  • consumodestroy, employ, finish, to devour, to spend, use up, waste away
  • habeoconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • habitumconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • habuiconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • inhibeoback water, check, employ, practice, restrian, to hold in, use
  • obtineokeep, maintain, possess, to continue, to gain, to hold
  • occupoappropriate, commandeer, confiscate, enjoy, get a start on, grasp, seize, to occupy, to take possession
  • sumoapply, assume, buy, choose, employ, obtain, take for granted, take up, to choose, to take
  • teneoendure, hold, keep, know, maintain, persevere, persist, possess, to grasp, to hold, to keep on, to occupy, understand
  • usurpoacquire, employ, enjoy, get possession of, observe, perceive, to appropriate unlawfully, to obtain, to take for oneself, use

Similar to uti

  • UticensiumEvroul
  • utilisbeneficial, helpful, tageous, useful
  • utilitasusefulness, utility
  • utinamIf only that were true! Would that it were the case
  • utiqueat any rate, at least, certainly
  • ualeoto be able to, to succeed in
  • uberabundant, fertile, fruitful, productive, rich
  • uberrimemost abundantly, most fruitfully, most luxuriantly
  • ubertasabundance, bounty, fertility, plenteousness, plenty, richness
  • uberteabundantly