1. acquire
  2. employ
  3. enjoy
  4. get possession of
  5. observe
  6. perceive
  7. to appropriate unlawfully
  8. to obtain
  9. to take for oneself
  10. use

Synonyms for usurpo

  • adeptoacquire, get, to obtain
  • agnoscoacknowledge, admit, perceive, recognize, report, to know again, to recognize, understand
  • animtoperceive, realize, see, sometimes understand, take notice of, to turn the mind to
  • commodumcomfort, convenience, favorable condition, opportunity, profit, requirements, suitable time, tage, use
  • conspiciobehold, perceive, to catch sight of, to observe, understand
  • consumodestroy, employ, finish, to devour, to spend, use up, waste away
  • custodioobserve, to guard, watch over
  • fruordelight in, to enjoy, to have the benefit of, use
  • inhibeoback water, check, employ, practice, restrian, to hold in, use
  • inspicioperceive, to consider

Similar to usurpo

  • ualeoto be able to, to succeed in
  • uberabundant, fertile, fruitful, productive, rich
  • uberrimemost abundantly, most fruitfully, most luxuriantly
  • ubertasabundance, bounty, fertility, plenteousness, plenty, richness
  • uberteabundantly
  • ubias soon as, when, whereas, whereby, wherein
  • ueracitermore truly, more veracious
  • ueratiusmore true
  • ululatushowling
  • unanimisof one mind