1. bear
  2. endure
  3. sustain
  4. to tolerate

Synonyms for tolero

  • alocherish, keep, maintain, nourish, support, sustain
  • constoendure, stand firm, stop, to be established
  • duroendure, last, to harden
  • gerobear, give birth to, to carry, to carry about, to have, to transact, wear
  • gignobear, beget, father, to bring forth
  • maneoabide by, endure, last, stay, stay the night, to remain
  • obduroendure, hold out, last, persist, to be hard
  • patiorabide, be afflicted with, endure, permit, to suffer
  • perferoendure, suffer, to bear, to endure, undergo
  • permaneoendure, last, to stay to the end

Similar to tolero

  • toattract, direct one's attention to, to turn towards
  • totidemjust as many
  • totiensso many times, so often
  • totiesso many times, so often
  • totoall togther, completely towards
  • totonsibrowse, clip, mow, reap, shave, shear
  • totusall, complete, entire, whole
  • toxicumpoison
  • sceleroto pollute with guilt, with blood
  • acceleroaccelerate, hasten, speed, to quicken