1. bold
  2. heedless
  3. imprudent
  4. rash

Synonyms for temerarius

  • audaciousbold
  • audaxbold, foolhardy, rash
  • improbusbad, bold, impudent, inferior, outrageous, persistent, perverse, self, wicked
  • inconsultusimprudent, inconsiderate, precipately, rash, without asking e, without e
  • temerarusbold, heedless, imprudent, rash

Similar to temerarius

  • temerarusbold, heedless, imprudent, rash
  • temeritasboldness, rashness, temerity
  • temerodesecrate, to profane
  • ferrariusa blacksmith, iron mines, of iron
  • tediumboredom, disgust, weariness
  • tegobury, conceal, hide, protect, shield, to conceal, to cover
  • telaa web, cloth, that which is woven, tissue
  • telumarmament, arms, arrow, bolt, dart, javelin, spear, weapon
  • tenaxcligning, frugal, grasping, obstinate, stingy
  • teneoendure, hold, keep, know, maintain, persevere, persist, possess, to grasp, to hold, to keep on, to occupy, understand