1. add
  2. assign
  3. attach
  4. bring to mind
  5. offer
  6. place next
  7. prompt
  8. provide
  9. suggest
  10. supply
  11. to bring up
  12. to excite

Synonyms for suggero

  • adaugeoadd, augment, increase, to make greater
  • addoadd, bring, cause, inspire, join, place, to give
  • adjiciomove towards, suggest, to add, to turn towards
  • applicoattach, steer, to land
  • censeoargue, assess, censui, censum, estimate, evaluate, suggest
  • copiaabundamce, abundant supply, fruitful and abundant supply, supply
  • deferocarry down, communicate, offer, refer, to bear, to bring, to carry, to hand over
  • delegoascribe, assign, attribute, commit, impute, to transfer
  • describoassign, register, to describe
  • doconvey, donate, furnish, offer, to give

Similar to suggero

  • gerobear, give birth to, to carry, to carry about, to have, to transact, wear
  • suggestusplatform, raised place
  • aggeroheap up, increase, pile up, to make a mound, to pucker
  • congerocompile, to collect
  • degerolive, to pass time
  • digerodispose, to relate in order
  • ingerobetake oneself to, inflict, pour forth, to go off to
  • belligerobe at war, be in a state of war, to wage war
  • exaggeroaccumulate, to enlarge
  • aroto plow