1. lay under
  2. provide
  3. set out
  4. to spread out beneath

Synonyms for substerno

  • evadoescape, get off, result, set out, to escape, to go out
  • exornoadorn, provide, supply, to equip, to furnish
  • instruoconstruct, draw up an order of battle, furnish, prepare, provide, set up, to built in, to draw up, train
  • ministroassist, provide, supply, to attend, to serve, wait upon
  • praebeoallow, hold out, provide, supply, to offer
  • prebeoallow, hold out, provide, supply, to offer
  • proficiscorarise, depart, march, set out, to arise, to depart, to start forward, to travel
  • proficuusarise, depart, set out, to start forward
  • provideomake provision for, provide, to foresee
  • subornoequip, instigate secretly, provide, suborn, to furnish

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