1. bundle
  2. burden
  3. load
  4. pack

Synonyms for sarcina

  • fascisbundle, burden
  • gravoburden, make suffer, to oppress
  • oneroburden, fil up, oppress, to load
  • onusburden, charge, load, public road tax, trouble, weight
  • pondusa pound's weight, constancy, firmness, heavy body, load, mass, weight, weight of character

Similar to sarcina

  • SarcalogosChrist, the word incarnate
  • facinaaction, bad deed, crime, deed, villainy
  • vicinaneighbor
  • officinafactor, workshop
  • carnificinaexecution, the work of a hangman, torture
  • agnaewe, lamb
  • bonablessings as well as material properties, gifts, good qualities
  • cenadinner, meal
  • domnalady, mistress
  • facinarosescandalously, viciously