1. cut short
  2. diminish
  3. to cut back
  4. to cut loose

Synonyms for reseco

  • levodiminish, ease, impair, lift up, polish, relieve, to raise, to smooth, weaken
  • minuidecrease, diminish, grow smaller, To less
  • minuodecrease, diminish, grow smaller, let blood, to bleed, to draw blood, To less
  • minutumdecrease, diminish, grow smaller, To less
  • moderorconduct, diminish, direct, govern, manage, measure, mitigate, play an instrument, take with moderation, temper, to guide, to moderate
  • respirobreathe again, decline, diminish, ebb, recover, to breathe
  • stringodiminish, inhibit, narrow, to reduce

Similar to reseco

  • reseroto reveal
  • reducobring back, return, to lead back
  • replicoto reflect upon, withdraw
  • revocorecover, refer, revoke, to call back
  • recognoscorecall, recollect, to recognize
  • relucescoto become bright again
  • resipiscobecome reasonable, to recover one's senses
  • secoamputate, divide, hurt, part, to cut, to fly or cut through, to settle, wound
  • rebellisrebellious, rebels
  • rebellorebel, to wage war against