1. mend
  2. patch
  3. to repair

Synonyms for resarcio

  • pannuspatch, piece of cloth, rag, swaddling clothes
  • redintegrofix, restore, to repair
  • reficiofill, to repair

Similar to resarcio

  • referciocram, to stuff
  • reficiofill, to repair
  • recreoto revive
  • redeobe brought to, be reduced to, come back, fall back upon, return, to be reduced to, to come in, to fall back upon, to go back
  • regioregion
  • remeoreturn, to return home
  • renuorefuse, reject, to deny
  • repleofill, fill up, fill up again, satisfy, to replenish
  • repuoto reject
  • recenseoreview, to recount