1. bind around
  2. encircle
  3. surround
  4. to crown

Synonyms for redimio

  • amplectorsurround, to embrace
  • circumvenioassail, cheat, defraud, surround, to beset, to come around
  • coerceoconfine, enclose, regulate, restrain, surround
  • contineoaffect, befall, border on, confine, connect, contain, grasp, hold together, include, infect, join, keep together, reach, restrain, surround, to contian, to hold, to hold back, to keep in, to keep togethere, to touch
  • impedioensnare, entangle, hinder, hold fast, obstruct, prevent, surround, to entangle
  • includoenclose, establish a siege, surround, to shut in
  • lustroencircle, to survey
  • praecingoencircle, to gird

Similar to redimio

  • redigolessen, make, reduce, to bring back, to bring or reduce to a condition
  • redimobuy, buy back, hire, procure, ransom, to redeem
  • reditusincome, return, revenue, reward
  • redivivusrebuilt, reconstructed, recycled, rennovated
  • recreoto revive
  • redeobe brought to, be reduced to, come back, fall back upon, return, to be reduced to, to come in, to fall back upon, to go back
  • regioregion
  • remeoreturn, to return home
  • renuorefuse, reject, to deny
  • repleofill, fill up, fill up again, satisfy, to replenish