1. depart
  2. disappear
  3. pass away
  4. retire
  5. retreat
  6. to fall back
  7. to go back
  8. withdraw

Phrases with the word recedo

Synonyms for recedo

  • abducodetach, or take away, to lead, withdraw
  • abeochange, depart from life, die, disappear, retire, to digress, to go away, to have been, to pass, vanish
  • abscedodepart, leave, to go away
  • abstuloto take away, withdraw
  • cedogo away, happen, proceed, to go, to grant, turn out, withdraw, yield
  • cessito grant, withdraw, yield
  • cessumto grant, withdraw, yield
  • concedoallow, give up, grant, to concede, withdraw, yield
  • deficiofail, to be in want, to run out, to to be wanting, weaken, withdraw
  • defluobe lost, disappear, to flow away, to flow down, waste

Similar to recedo

  • recedentiadisappearance, distant, ebbing, far, retreat
  • recepirecede, retire, retreat, to go back
  • recondohoard, lay up, store
  • recordorecollect, to be mindful of
  • redundoexcess, flood, overflow, stream over, to overflow
  • refundoto infuse
  • remandorespond, send back word, to notify in return
  • repedoto go back
  • rependopay back, requite, to ransom
  • retardoobstruct, slow down, to impede