1. to be able

Synonyms for queo

  • posseavail, have influence, to be able
  • possumavail, have influence, to be able, to be capable
  • potumavail, have influence, to be able

Similar to queo

  • quesitiointerrogation, investigation
  • quethat, what, which
  • quedama certain person or thing, a kind of
  • quemadmodumhow, in what manner, just as, lust like
  • quenamwhich? what
  • querelaaccusation, complaining, complaint
  • querellaaccusation, complaining, complaint
  • queribunduscomplaining, plaintive, whining
  • querimoniaa charge in court, accusation, complaint
  • queritorgripe, to complain excessively, whine