1. a point
  2. a prick
  3. annoy
  4. harrass
  5. little hole
  6. move
  7. place
  8. puncture
  9. spot
  10. stab
  11. sting
  12. to penetrate
  13. to prick
  14. touch

Synonyms for punctum

  • addoadd, bring, cause, inspire, join, place, to give
  • agitomove, rouse, to put in motion
  • condobuild, erect, establish, place, to store
  • constituoappoint, cause to stand, decide, establish, found, place, post, set, set up, settle, station, to arrange, to establish, to fix, to set up
  • differobe different, defer, delay, disturb, harrass, postpone, spread news, to delay, to differ, to hesitate, to spread about, to spread news
  • fodiojab, sting, to prick
  • laedoannoy, damage, hit, hurt, offend, strike, violate
  • ledoannoy, damage, hit, hurt, offend, strike, violate
  • locuslocation, place, situation, spot
  • maculablemish, fault, flaw, mark, spot, stain

Similar to punctum

  • tuma coming, arrival, at that time, in the next place, then, thereupon
  • centum100, one hundred
  • coeptumundertaking
  • crustumbread, cake
  • cultumcherish, cultivate
  • dictumdictate, word
  • didtumdistribute, divide, to separate
  • doctumteach, to instruct, tutor
  • emptumpurchase, to buy
  • factumaccomplishment, achievement, act, action, deed, work