1. bring forth
  2. disclose
  3. to produce

Synonyms for prompsi

  • detectumdisclose, lay bare, to uncover
  • detegodisclose, lay bare, to expose, to uncover
  • evolvodetach, disclose, explain, extricate, to untangle
  • exhibeoallow, cause, deliver, display, offer, show, to produce, to sustain
  • exibeoallow, cause, display, offer, show, to produce
  • indicoannounce, disclose, make publicly known, to disclose, to enjoin, to proclaim
  • inferobe troublesome, bring forth, bring out, enter, put or place on, to carry in, to otherwise bring upon, to say or put forth
  • pariobring forth, create, get, make, produce, to bear, to spawn
  • prodoabandon, appoint, betray, bring forth, deliver, disclose, hand over, publish, transmit
  • proferobring forth, ce, cite, delay, extend, impell, mention, postpone, proffer, to carry out, to enlarge, to reveal

Similar to prompsi

  • promptepromptly, readily, resolutely
  • promptumbring forth, disclose, to produce
  • promptusapparent, inclined to, ready, ready at hand, visible
  • siif
  • acsias if
  • cessito grant, withdraw, yield
  • lusibanter, deceive, delude, imitate, sport, to play
  • misidispatch, to send
  • nisiexcept, if not, unless
  • pressipress down, strike down, to squeeze