1. defer
  2. extend
  3. lengthen
  4. put off
  5. to enlarge

Synonyms for prolato

  • amplioimprove, increase, to enlarge
  • differobe different, defer, delay, disturb, harrass, postpone, spread news, to delay, to differ, to hesitate, to spread about, to spread news
  • dilatoexpand, extend, increase, to spread out
  • exaggeroaccumulate, to enlarge
  • laxoenlarge, extend, give up, liberate, loosen, relax, release, sell formally, set free, to relieve, undo, widen, yield up
  • pandoextend, make patent, publicize, spread out, to make known, to stretch out
  • pertingoextend, to stretch out
  • proferobring forth, ce, cite, delay, extend, impell, mention, postpone, proffer, to carry out, to enlarge, to reveal
  • promineoextend, jut, to stand out
  • protrahodefer, make known, rpotact, to draw out

Similar to prolato

  • prolaborfall down, fall forward, slip forward, to slide forward
  • prolatioa bringing forward, deferring, extension, mentioning
  • productobring forward, bring out, bring to light, divulge, produce, promote
  • profectoindeed, really, truly
  • prolectoallure, to entice
  • promittoengage oneself, make a promise, oath, promise, send forth, to let go, to let go forward, to put forth, undertake
  • protestoaffirm, bear witness, to declare in public
  • proavusgreat
  • probabiliscredible
  • probabiliterwith credibility