1. ce
  2. go out
  3. proceed
  4. to go forth
  5. to march forward

Synonyms for progredior

  • bellicuma signal to march, attack, ce, charge
  • cedogo away, happen, proceed, to go, to grant, turn out, withdraw, yield
  • grassorattack, go about, go ahead, proceed, to rage
  • lenocinorce, flatter, make up to, to pander, to promote
  • pergogo on with, proceed, pursue, to continue, to proceed
  • procedoce, come out, continue, proceed, prosper, result, to go ahead, to go out, turn out well
  • profectusce
  • proferobring forth, ce, cite, delay, extend, impell, mention, postpone, proffer, to carry out, to enlarge, to reveal
  • proficioaccomplish, aid, assist, be of use, be tageous, ce, help, to go on, to make progress
  • progressioce, increase, progress

Similar to progredior

  • profiteorconfess, offer, profess, promise, to acknowledge, to confess, to declare oneself, to declare publicly, to make a public statement, to take a monastic oath
  • promereormerit, to deserve, to earn
  • aggredioraddress, approach, attack, begin, to go to
  • congrediorto accost
  • digrediordeviate, digress, to depart
  • egrediordepart, exit, leave, to come out, to go out
  • ingrediorbegin on, enter, go in, to begin to, to enter upon, to step in, walk
  • regrediorretreat, return, to march back
  • transgrediorto pass beyond
  • proavusgreat