1. bring forth
  2. ce
  3. cite
  4. delay
  5. extend
  6. impell
  7. mention
  8. postpone
  9. proffer
  10. to carry out
  11. to enlarge
  12. to reveal

Synonyms for profero

  • amplioimprove, increase, to enlarge
  • bellicuma signal to march, attack, ce, charge
  • cessocease, delay, linger, to leave off
  • commemoromention, relate, to keep in mind, to remind
  • cunctatiodelay
  • differobe different, defer, delay, disturb, harrass, postpone, spread news, to delay, to differ, to hesitate, to spread about, to spread news
  • dilatoexpand, extend, increase, to spread out
  • ducocommand, consider, considered, construct, count, delay, draw, draw in, esteem, influence, marry a wife, mislead, reckon, shape, spend, to calculate, to charm, to draw, to lead, to lead on the march
  • efferobury, exalt, lift up, to bring forth, to carry out
  • elatumbury, exalt, lift up, to carry out

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