1. former
  2. prior

Phrases with the word prior

Synonyms for prior

  • praepositusbailiff, manorial agent, prior, steward
  • praeviusformer, previous
  • prepositusabbot, prior, provost, reeve, steward
  • priscusancient, antique, former, old days, venerable
  • pristinusancient, former, venerable
  • priusbefore, former, formerely, prior
  • quondamat one time, deceased, ertswhile, former, formerly, late, once, one

Similar to prior

  • pridemin time past
  • primaevayouthful
  • primitusfirst, for the first time
  • primoat first, at the beginning, at the start, first
  • primordiaatoms
  • primordiumfirst beginning, origin
  • primorisat the top, first, foremost, most distinguished, uppermost
  • primumat first, for the first time, in the first place
  • primuschief
  • priusbefore, former, formerely, prior