1. be outstanding
  2. be responsible for
  3. display
  4. excell
  5. fulfill
  6. offer
  7. perform
  8. present
  9. show
  10. surpass
  11. to answer for
  12. to do
  13. to furnish
  14. to stand before

Synonyms for praesto

  • adimpleocarry out, perform, to fulfill
  • carismagift, present
  • charismagift, present
  • deferocarry down, communicate, offer, refer, to bear, to bring, to carry, to hand over
  • demonstrodescribe, explain, show, to indicate, to prove
  • doconvey, donate, furnish, offer, to give
  • donumdonation, gift, present, votive offering
  • efficiobring about, cause, effect, make, produce, prove, to bring to pass, to do
  • excellosurpass, to elevate
  • exhibeoallow, cause, deliver, display, offer, show, to produce, to sustain

Similar to praesto

  • praestolatioexpectation, the waiting for
  • praestolorstand ready, to wait for
  • praescioto foreknow
  • praestansdistingished, excellent, imminent, superior
  • praestantiaexcellence, superiority
  • praestigiatorimpostor
  • praestringoto bind fast
  • toattract, direct one's attention to, to turn towards
  • aptoapprove, be suitable, fit, proper, to fit
  • artoabrdiged, reduce, to press together