1. able
  2. powerful
  3. to be rich in
  4. to be strong

Synonyms for polleo

  • confortarito be strong
  • fortisbrave, chance, courageous, fortune, luck, powerful, robust, steadfast, strong, valiant
  • imperiosusdominering, imperious, powerful
  • ingeniosusable, adapted, neturally fit, talented
  • lacertosusmuscular, powerful
  • opulensmighty, powerful, rich, splendid, sumptuous, wealthy
  • potensable, mighty, powerful, strong
  • valensable, healthy, powerful, stong, worthwhile
  • valeobe effective, be well, have power, to be strong, to have strength
  • validusable, exceeding, mighty, powerful, robust, strong, vigorous

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