1. chafe
  2. consume
  3. gall
  4. inflame
  5. to burn up

Synonyms for peruro

  • accendoarouse, excite, illuminate, incite, inflame, to kindle, to rouse up
  • comburoconsume, to burn up, to ruin
  • comediconsume, squander, to eat up, waste
  • comedoconsume, squander, to eat up, waste
  • comesumconsume, squander, to eat up, waste
  • ediconsume, devour, to eat, waste
  • edoconsume, devour, give out, put forth, to eat, waste
  • essumconsume, devour, to eat, waste
  • inflammoinflame, kindle, to set on fire, to torch
  • perussichafe, consume, gall, inflame, to burn up

Similar to peruro

  • pererroto ramble over
  • peroroto speak from beginning to end
  • pecorisherd of cattle
  • pecudishead, single beast
  • peculiuma bit of money, a small property
  • pecuniamoney
  • pecuniosuslucrative, rich, wealthy profitable
  • pecusa herd, a single head of cattle, especially a sheep, head, herd of cattle, single beast
  • pedesfoot, going on foot, infantryman, walking
  • pedisfoot