1. continue
  2. continue steadfastly
  3. persevere
  4. to persist
  5. to to abide by strictly

Synonyms for persevero

  • nitorbrightness, brillance, brilliance, depend upon, elegance, exert oneself, glow, lean, make an effort, persevere, splendor, support oneself, to endeavor, to rest, to strive, trust in
  • persistopersevere, to persist
  • perstoremain firm, to persist
  • procedoce, come out, continue, proceed, prosper, result, to go ahead, to go out, turn out well
  • remaneocontinue, stay, to remain behind
  • teneoendure, hold, keep, know, maintain, persevere, persist, possess, to grasp, to hold, to keep on, to occupy, understand

Similar to persevero

  • perseverantiaperseverence, persistence, steadfastness
  • persecocut away, dissect, to cut through
  • persecutuspursue, take revenge, to follow
  • persequipursue, take revenge, to follow
  • persequorhunt down, pursue, take revenge, to follow, to persecute, track, trail
  • perferoendure, suffer, to bear, to endure, undergo
  • perjuroto break an oath
  • perquiroexamine, to make a diligent search for
  • verohowever, in truth, indeed, to be sure
  • percelloexcite, strike with consternation, to smite