1. to pass through
  2. to traverse

Synonyms for permeo

  • perlustroexamine, look, survey, to pass through
  • transeocross over, go across, go past, pass over, to go over, to pass through

Similar to permeo

  • permetiorto measure, traverse
  • percipiolearn, perceive, to gain, understand
  • percutiopierce, shock, to strike hard, transfix
  • perditiodestruction, loss, ruin
  • perficioaccomplish, achieve, bring, complete, effect, perfect, to accomplish, to do thoroughly
  • permaneoendure, last, to stay to the end
  • permoveoagitate, move, stir up, to excite
  • persentioto feel deeply
  • perterreoto terrify
  • pertineoconcern, relate to, to pertain to