1. drenched
  2. soaked
  3. steeped

Synonyms for perfusus

  • madidusboiled, drunk, dyed, moist, soaked, soft, steeped, wet

Similar to perfusus

  • perculsusa shock
  • perfidiosusfaithless, treacherous
  • perniciosusdestructive, pernicious
  • percelloexcite, strike with consternation, to smite
  • percepilearn, perceive, to gain, understand
  • perceptumlearn, perceive, to gain, understand
  • percipiolearn, perceive, to gain, understand
  • percontorinquire, interrogate, investigate
  • percunctorinquire, interrogate, investigate, to interrogate
  • percutiopierce, shock, to strike hard, transfix