1. learn
  2. perceive
  3. to gain
  4. understand

Synonyms for percipio

  • accipioaccept, cepi, ceptum, learn, receive, take, to consider oneself indebted, to receive
  • agnoscoacknowledge, admit, perceive, recognize, report, to know again, to recognize, understand
  • animtoperceive, realize, see, sometimes understand, take notice of, to turn the mind to
  • cognoscoinquire, learn, to examine
  • conspiciobehold, perceive, to catch sight of, to observe, understand
  • inspicioperceive, to consider
  • lucrorprofit, to gain, win
  • obtineokeep, maintain, possess, to continue, to gain, to hold
  • percepilearn, perceive, to gain, understand
  • perceptumlearn, perceive, to gain, understand

Similar to percipio

  • permeoto pass through, to traverse
  • percutiopierce, shock, to strike hard, transfix
  • perditiodestruction, loss, ruin
  • perficioaccomplish, achieve, bring, complete, effect, perfect, to accomplish, to do thoroughly
  • permaneoendure, last, to stay to the end
  • permoveoagitate, move, stir up, to excite
  • persentioto feel deeply
  • perterreoto terrify
  • pertineoconcern, relate to, to pertain to
  • pertorqueodistort, to twist