1. lucrative
  2. rich
  3. wealthy profitable

Synonyms for pecuniosus

  • copiosusabundantly provided, plentiful, rich, wealthy, well, well supplied
  • dispossessing wealth or worth, rich
  • ditusrich
  • divesopulent, rich, wealthy
  • fortunatusfortunate, happy, lucky, rich, wealthy
  • opulensmighty, powerful, rich, splendid, sumptuous, wealthy
  • pinguisfat, fertile, oily, rich, sleek
  • plenuscomplete, filled, full, laden, mature, plump, rich, satisfied
  • prodigusabound in, extravagant, lavish, profuse, rich
  • quaestuosusfond of gain, profitable, rich

Similar to pecuniosus

  • pecuniamoney
  • pecudishead, single beast
  • peculiuma bit of money, a small property
  • penuriosuspenurious, poor, poverty
  • perosusabhorrent, hateful
  • petrosusrocky
  • periculosusdangerous, hazardous
  • pecorisherd of cattle
  • pecusa herd, a single head of cattle, especially a sheep, head, herd of cattle, single beast
  • pedesfoot, going on foot, infantryman, walking