1. expose
  2. make open
  3. open
  4. to disclose

Synonyms for patefacio

  • arguoaccuse, attempt to show, censure, convict, declare, expose, make clear, prove, reprove, to blame, to show
  • directusdirect, open, plain, simple, straightforward
  • exponodisplay, explain, expose, to expound, to set forth
  • expositusaccessible, exposed, open
  • indicoannounce, disclose, make publicly known, to disclose, to enjoin, to proclaim
  • obviusaccessible, in the way, on the way, open
  • offeroexpose, offer, place before, present, to bring forward

Similar to patefacio

  • pateobe exposed, plain, to be clear, to be open, to be revealed, to stand open
  • faciobe of service, help, suffer, suit, to experience, to give permission, to sacrifice
  • pareoto submit
  • pariobring forth, create, get, make, produce, to bear, to spawn
  • paveoto dread
  • pavioto tread down upon
  • misfacioharm, hurt, injure, to do wrong to
  • pacificepeaceably
  • pacificomake peace, reconcile, to pacify
  • pacificuspeace