1. equal
  2. like
  3. similar

Synonyms for parilis

  • amobe fond of, cherish, like, to love
  • assimilaressimilar
  • consimilissimilar
  • exaequoequal, make level or even, relate, to be like
  • exequoequal, make level or even, relate, to be like
  • finitimusadjacent, adjoining, neighboring, related to, similar
  • finitumusadjacent, neighboring, related to, similar
  • instara form, after the fashion of, figure, like
  • parequal, like
  • propinquusclose, kinsman, near, nearly related, similar

Similar to parilis

  • parieswall
  • parietiswall
  • parilitasequality, level to make fit
  • pariobring forth, create, get, make, produce, to bear, to spawn
  • pariteralike, as well, at the same time, equally, in like manner, likewise, together
  • patibilisbearable, endurable, sufferable
  • pacificepeaceably
  • pacificomake peace, reconcile, to pacify
  • pacificuspeace
  • pacispeace, treaty, truce