1. extend
  2. make patent
  3. publicize
  4. spread out
  5. to make known
  6. to stretch out

Synonyms for pando

  • dilatoexpand, extend, increase, to spread out
  • extendoto stretch out
  • laxoenlarge, extend, give up, liberate, loosen, relax, release, sell formally, set free, to relieve, undo, widen, yield up
  • narronarrate, say, speak, to make known, to set forth
  • pertingoextend, to stretch out
  • proferobring forth, ce, cite, delay, extend, impell, mention, postpone, proffer, to carry out, to enlarge, to reveal
  • prolatodefer, extend, lengthen, put off, to enlarge
  • promineoextend, jut, to stand out
  • protendoto stretch out
  • tendoaggravate, attempt, extend, give, go, heighten, present, stretch, to direct, to strive, try

Similar to pando

  • pandusarched, bowed, crooked, curved
  • pangoagree upon, drive in, fasten, hammer in, to fix, to pledge
  • pannosatattered
  • pannuspatch, piece of cloth, rag, swaddling clothes
  • pantheraleopard, panther
  • pantoneverything
  • expandoto spread out
  • doconvey, donate, furnish, offer, to give
  • abdoconceal, hide, put away, remove
  • addoadd, bring, cause, inspire, join, place, to give