1. argue
  2. beg
  3. entreat
  4. orate
  5. plead
  6. to speak

Synonyms for oro

  • censeoargue, assess, censui, censum, estimate, evaluate, suggest
  • declamoorate, speak loudly, to declaim
  • effordeclare, express, state, to speak, to speak out
  • excusoexcuse, make excuses, plead, to exempt from blame
  • exorobeg, entreat successfully, prevail upon, to prevail upon a person
  • obtestorbeg, call as a witness, entreat, to assert, to implore
  • petobeg, demand, go to, relate to, request, seek, seek out, strive after, to ask for, to make for, to sue for
  • precorbeg, entreat, invoke, pray, to beseech

Similar to oro

  • oneroburden, fil up, oppress, to load
  • oblitteroblot out, to cancel
  • obedienterobediently
  • obedioto yield obedience to
  • obexbarrier
  • obiciothrow in someone's teeth, to offer
  • obiecithrow in someone's teeth, to offer
  • obiectumthrow in someone's teeth, to offer
  • obligatusbound, under an obligation
  • obliquoto turn sideways, turn aside