1. attentive
  2. respectful

Synonyms for officiosus

  • attentusattentive, careful of one's property
  • curiosusattentive, careful, curious, inquisitive, worn out by cares
  • honorabilisrespectful
  • piusaffectionate, compassionate, dutiful, godly, gracious, holy, honest, kind, pious, respectful, upright

Similar to officiosus

  • officioseceremoniously, courteously, dutifully, solemnly
  • officinafactor, workshop
  • officiumduty, job, obligation, office, position, post, responsibility, service
  • offensuscollision, dislike, displeasure, offense, shock
  • speciosusbeautiful, handsome, imposing, specious plausible
  • artificiosusaccomplished, skillful, skillfuly made
  • offalump, mass of something, pellet, shot, swelling
  • offendodisplease, hit, lurch, offend, shock, strike, stumble, to displease, to knock
  • offensioblow, cause of offense, hitting against, knocking, striking
  • offeroexpose, offer, place before, present, to bring forward