1. mark
  2. note
  3. sign
  4. token

Phrases with the word nota

Synonyms for nota

  • indiciumdata, evidence, indication, information, pointer, sign
  • maculablemish, fault, flaw, mark, spot, stain
  • pignuscollateral, gage, pawn, persons in pledges of, pledge, surety, token
  • praenuntiusforetelling, harbinger, omen, token
  • prenunciusforetelling, harbinger, omen, token
  • sigillumseal, sign
  • signumindication, mark, miraculous works, seal, sign, signal, symbol, token
  • subcriboprosecute, sign, to write beneath
  • tituluslabel, placard, title, token
  • vestigiumfootstep, mark, soles of the feet, trace

Similar to nota

  • notabilisnotable, noteworthy, notorious
  • notariuslegal scribe, notary, stenographer
  • nocensbad, culpable, evil, injurious, wicked
  • noceodo harm, inflict injury
  • nolensunwilling
  • nolorefuse, to be unwilling, to to be unwilling, wish not to
  • noluirefuse, to be unwilling, wish not to
  • nomenname
  • nominatimby name, expressly
  • nominorto be renowned