1. bad
  2. culpable
  3. evil
  4. injurious
  5. wicked

Phrases with the word nocens

Synonyms for nocens

  • impiusirreverent, ungodly, unpatriotic, wicked, without respect
  • improbusbad, bold, impudent, inferior, outrageous, persistent, perverse, self, wicked
  • maleficusaccursed, evil, wicked
  • malumcrime, damage, evil, injury, misdeed, misfortune
  • malusbad, prefer, to choose
  • nequambad, good for nothing, vile, worthless
  • pestiferbaleful, damaging, destructive, injurious, mischievous person, pestilential, plaguey
  • plumbeusbad, dull, heavy, leaden, made of lead, opressive, stupid
  • pravusdepraved, evil, perverse, wicked
  • profanuscommon, impious, not sacred, ordinary, uninitiated, wicked

Similar to nocens

  • noceodo harm, inflict injury
  • nolensunwilling
  • nolorefuse, to be unwilling, to to be unwilling, wish not to
  • noluirefuse, to be unwilling, wish not to
  • nomenname
  • nominatimby name, expressly
  • nominorto be renowned
  • nonusninth
  • noroto know
  • notamark, note, sign, token