1. a biting
  2. also
  3. bite
  4. pain
  5. sting

Synonyms for morsus

  • adhucalso, besides, even now, still, till now, till then, yet
  • autemalso, but, however, moreover, on the other hand
  • dolorgrief, misery, pain, suffering
  • etiamalso, and furthermore, as yet, besides, even, still
  • evitoalso, avoid, to kill, to shuun
  • fodiojab, sting, to prick
  • ictusbite, blow, bolt, stabbing, stroke, thrust, wound
  • poenapain, penalty, punishment
  • punctuma point, a prick, annoy, harrass, little hole, move, place, puncture, spot, stab, sting, to penetrate, to prick, touch
  • pungoannoy, harrass, move, puncture, stab, sting, to penetrate, to prick, to sting, touch

Similar to morsus

  • morbusdisease, illness, sickness
  • mortalitasa dying, death, the state of being mortal
  • mortiferdeadly, death
  • mortiferadeadly things
  • mortisdeath
  • mortuusdead, deceased, departed, gone West, passed away
  • sushog, pig, swine
  • assusdried, grilled, roasted
  • aususdare, gamble, hazard, risk
  • byssuscotton cloths, linens