1. appoint
  2. nominate
  3. ordain
  4. point out
  5. to ordain
  6. to show

Synonyms for monstro

  • arguoaccuse, attempt to show, censure, convict, declare, expose, make clear, prove, reprove, to blame, to show
  • constituoappoint, cause to stand, decide, establish, found, place, post, set, set up, settle, station, to arrange, to establish, to fix, to set up
  • destinoappoint, determine settle, fix, make fast, to fasten down
  • legoappoint, choose, collect, pass through, read, select, to gather
  • ostendodeclare, make plain, present, reveal, sum, to exhibit, to show
  • proboapprove, demonstrate, find good, judge, prove, to show
  • prodoabandon, appoint, betray, bring forth, deliver, disclose, hand over, publish, transmit
  • proponodisplay, point out, promise, propose, publish, relate, tell, to design
  • sciscoask, inquire, investigate, ordain, resolve, to ascertain, vote
  • volobe willing, denote, maintain that, move rapidly, ordain, signify, speed, suppose, to fly, to mean, to wish, want, will

Similar to monstro

  • monsmount, mountain
  • monstrummonster, omen, portent
  • demonstrodescribe, explain, show, to indicate, to prove
  • castrocastrate, emasculate, enervate, unman, weaken
  • frustrodeprive, disappoint, dupe, to deceive, to defraud, trick
  • introenter, make one's way into, to walk into
  • latrobandit, brigand, robber
  • lustroencircle, to survey
  • patroperform, to effect
  • arbitroarbitrate, bear witness, judge, to witness