1. easily moved
  2. flexible
  3. gentle
  4. pliant
  5. soft

Synonyms for mollis

  • flexilispliant
  • lenisgentle, kind, mild, smooth, sympathetic
  • lentescoflexible, slacken, sticky, to become soft, to weaken
  • lentusinactive, lethargic, lingering, pliant, resistant, slow, supple, tenacious, tough
  • madidusboiled, drunk, dyed, moist, soaked, soft, steeped, wet
  • mansuetusgentle, mild, soft
  • mitisgentle, mature, mild, ripe
  • placidusgentle, quiet, still
  • summissusgentle, let down, lowered, mild
  • tenerdelicate, soft, tender, young

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