1. decrease
  2. diminish
  3. grow smaller
  4. let blood
  5. to bleed
  6. to draw blood
  7. To less

Synonyms for minuo

  • decessioa retreat, decrease, departure, diminution, leavin, withdrawal
  • decrescogrow smaller, to decrease, to wane
  • levodiminish, ease, impair, lift up, polish, relieve, to raise, to smooth, weaken
  • minuidecrease, diminish, grow smaller, To less
  • minutumdecrease, diminish, grow smaller, To less
  • moderorconduct, diminish, direct, govern, manage, measure, mitigate, play an instrument, take with moderation, temper, to guide, to moderate
  • resecocut short, diminish, to cut back, to cut loose
  • respirobreathe again, decline, diminish, ebb, recover, to breathe
  • stringodiminish, inhibit, narrow, to reduce
  • tepescodecrease, grow lukewarm, to cool

Similar to minuo

  • minuereabate
  • minutorminer
  • minutumdecrease, diminish, grow smaller, To less
  • misereoto pity
  • miseratioa fine, amercement, charge, tax
  • comminuodamage, to scatter, weaken
  • micacrumb, grain, morsel, small loaf
  • micansflashing, gleaming, glowing, shining, sparkling, twinkling
  • michinanostril
  • micobe bright, flash, gleam, glitter, palpitate, quiver, shake, shine, sparkle, to serve