1. be frightened
  2. dread
  3. to fear

Phrases with the word metuo

Synonyms for metuo

  • exhorrescodread, shudder, to be horrified, to shake, tremble at
  • formidoafraid, dread, dreadfulness, fear, frightened, scarecrow, terror, to be terrified
  • formidonisdread, dreadfulness, scarecrow, terror
  • metusanxiety, dread, fear
  • pavordread, quaking
  • timeobe afraid, dread, to fear
  • timoralarm, dread, fear, object causing fear
  • vereorbe in dread of, fear, to be afraid, to fear, to respect

Similar to metuo

  • mereobe entitled to, deserve, earn, gain, merit, obtain, serve as a soldier
  • meditatioconsideration, getting ready, meditation, pondering, practice, preparation
  • medicorcure, to heal
  • medicusdoctor, physician
  • mediemoderately
  • mediocrisaverage, fair, mediocre, moderate, ordinary
  • meditarimeditate
  • meditatusconsider, ponder, practice, to reflect upon
  • meditorconsider, ponder, practice, to reflect upon
  • mediumeveryday life, the common good, the public eye